Hiya All,

While America is beginning its July 4th Celebrations, Valai.Net is celebrating its 150th day of 100% uptime on our FreeBSD server.

As a special I am offering these:

1] Email Hosting:

SMTP/IMAP/POP3 thru qmail,vpopmail,courier-imap
webmail thru IMP 3.0 and sqwebmail
Email management thru qmailadmin

5$/year/mailbox of 10 megs storage and 100 megs /mo transfer ... [email protected] ; 3$ for all additional mailboxes on a domain [this is the special]

2] FreeBSD hosting:

Dedicated IP based hosting [your IP resolves to your domain]

200 megs of storage
5 gigs of bandwidth per month

suEXEC based CGI
SSH access

No control panel except phpmyadmin and qmailadmin for managing emails and mysql


Available: only 5 such accounts - I dont have a problem if you want multidomains on that

3] Generic Vanilla Hosting:

RH Linux with WHM/CPanel
eservers.biz/ dv2 server

[that has had 100% uptime for the past 50 days I have been meddling with it ]

200 megs and 4gb data transfer
multi-domain upto 3.

15 such accounts only.

We take few clients and service them very well ... I value my sleep and kids as much as I value my hosting customers , so I wont accept sign-ups if I cant do justice to it!

Please email [email protected] if you would like to have a hassle free and frictionless hosting.

Thanks for your time and Godd Day!