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    Question Template Question???? Need Help

    Im a real newbie when it comes to all of this.
    In my case I want to start a e-commerce web site.
    When you guys sell these templates on here is that like selling a web site or just the main page of the site. Example if I have someone design a template for me to start my site...
    What do I do with this template give it to a web designer to put
    in the text and graphics for my site....

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    Generally you are going to get one page which is the main page. If the template comes with more pages it will say.

    Yes you just give the template to whoever is doing your website and they add the text and extra images to the template and copy the HTML to the next page and adjust it to meet the needs of your lower pages.

    If you have a person building your site they will know what to do with it. You should get the HTML and PSD files when buying so you can make adjustments to the color and other things if you need to.

    Good luck

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    Well you can also engage the designer who created the template for you to design the full web site. That way u don't have to go to two designers.

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    its always best to have the original designer of the template do the rest of your pages, that is if you can afford his or her charges for doing so.

    choose your designer with care. there is much more to putting on a web site on the internet effectively than just having an attractive template.

    professional designers here know what i mean... very difficult to explain in a few words.
    Chang Lee - Professional Designer
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