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    how to transfer a domain?

    I have some domains at namecheap. and I would like to host at rack shack,their webhosting plan. they ask me about how I would like to transfer the domain.
    what they mean? what have I 2do? only change the nameservers at namechep?
    mayb it sounds a bit silly, but i really don't know
    please help me

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    They are telling you that you will need to modify your dns records to point to their servers is all.
    They don't want your domain. They just need you to point it to them after they give you the information.
    In other words; you are correct. You'll just have to change your name servers.
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    It's how your domain knows what server it is now on

    Change the old server info to the new info: IP number new IP number new IP number

    And - your sites might crash, and have problems for over 2 days - untill the new info propagates around the web.

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    just wanna say thank u guys for help

    so i can start my site

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