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    Don't read this unless you are a security guru

    I need to set up a series of servers - for storing critical business data in secure, segmented accounts. I have a few questions to get a general overview of the most secure solution after which I will be hiring someone to implement it. The requirements are as follows:

    1 ) A system that includes only the necessary components to set up secure file transfer capabilites for a number of different users.

    2) Accounts must be segmented - No user should be able to view other accounts (except root).

    3) The username/password should be encrypted and the account should only be accessible over a secure connection if possible.

    4) Accounts should be easy to setup/suspend/delete.

    5) All unneccessary ports/services should be disabled.

    6) The client software will be supplied to my users so the choice of protocol(s) are unlimited.

    6) Above anything else - Security is the biggest concern.

    Please post here with your opinions on what the issues are, how you intend to tackle them, what experience you have and how much you charge. There is potential here for onging work for the right individual.

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    Well, all this seems pretty straight forward setup at least to me

    But the problem is that this is not the advertising forum, so no one can reply you except PM
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    thanks for the tip masood. I'm putting this in the advertising forum as you suggested. If you are interested please pm me.

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