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    Sitebuilders (other than SW-SOFT) that work well

    Looking for a sitebuilder (even if its PHP based) that works well on Windows that can be customized to work within a Control Panel (an api would be a plus). SW-Soft sitebuilder has their own control panel but I want to just have a customer click on an icon and go right into the sitebuilder and when done go back to our CP, not have too many choices that confuse newbies and cause support issues.


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    I know WHA worked on integrating a site builder at one time. I would check out their forums -- but I doubt there is integration for HELM4.

    PLESK is most likely your only option at the moment.

  3. #3 has one. I haven't used it, we're fans of SWsoft, but it looks pretty decent.
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