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    Looking For Support Technician

    VeoWeb Premium Hosting is looking for energetic people to join our fast growing community. A part time support technician is needed to fill the position as soon as possible.

    Job Requirements:
    • Applicant will assist in providing support/sales responses via our email ticket system, bulletin board, live chat and possible phone.
    • Is familiar with cPanel/WHM (the more the better)
    • Is familiar with a web hosting administrative environment
    • Is familair with a UNIX environment and using the command line
    • Available at least 4 hours per day during the day time
    • Must have general Internet Knowledge (i.e. Email Clients, FTP Clients)
    • Good communication skills, via email, live chat, and phone.
    • Quick Internet Connection

    • Has experience in web hosting field
    • Familiar with Alabanza servers
    • Some HTML/CGI/MySQL Knowledge

    Please email your resume to: [email protected]

    Thank You!
    Benjamin S.
    VeoWeb Premium Hosting

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    I just want to tell those of you who respond to these a pointer.

    You should read his/her message more carefully, he says contact him via email, not respond to the post and have him contact you.

    Just a pointer because it would look better if you contacted him, then it would show you actually took the time to read his post thoroughly.


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    Thanks Adam.
    I was just about to point out that those interested should contact me, not vice versa.

    We have already recieved quite a few replies, and are still willing to accept more. We are diligently going through each reply and will soon contact those we are interested in for more information.

    I will post here once the position has been filled.

    Thank You
    Benjamin S.
    VeoWeb Premium Hosting

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