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Thread: Memory Issue

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    Memory Issue

    I just ordered a dedicated server with 512MB memory, running Linux. I find that the memory usage reported in Plesk panel is over 95% percent.

    Do I have to worry about if the memory is enough or not? I suppose there is a virtual memory and the OS should do the swap. But is this common to a typical web server?

    I do not have anything extra running on the sever. Just the basic services such as DNS and SMTP.

    Incidently, I have a problem with SMTP service. It will keep run for a couple of hours and then it may crash on its own. Does any one know what would cause this problem?

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    I would try to keep as much out of swap as I could.

    512MB of RAM in today's time for a server is on the very low side. I would consider going to atleast 1Gb of memory.

    SMTP issue is probably related to a memory problem. Check your logs and see.
    Jason Biel

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