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    * WOW! Super sale on Cpanel servers, colo and Cpanel licenses!!!

    HOLIDAY SPECIAL - ends 11:59 pm July 4th

    Special price on external Cpanel licenses - email me for details!


    I have 8 servers that will be available with different HD's :
    (no hard drive upgrades at this time on these 8 machines)

    All have:

    Intel PIII 866mhz
    256 meg RAM
    200 gigs bandwidth
    4 IP's - more free with justification
    RedHat 7.3

    1 server with 60 gig HD = $119/month - FREE setup
    4 servers with 40 gig HD's = $109/month - FREE setup
    2 servers with 10 gig HD's = $ 99/month - FREE setup
    1 server with 2 x 40 gig HD's = $129/month - FREE setup

    Add Cpanel to any server for $10/month during this sale!

    DEDICATED SPECIAL 2: - quanities limited

    Intel P3 1.13 ghz
    512 meg RAM
    40 gig 7200 rpm hard drive
    200 gigs bandwidth
    8 IP's

    $299 setup
    $119/month including CPANEL/WHM

    Pay quarterly and get upgraded to 1 gig of RAM FREE.

    UPGRADES - one time cost:
    256 meg RAM = $60
    512 meg RAM = $110
    from 40 gig to 60 gig HD = $30
    from 40 gig to 80 gig HD = $60
    additional 40 gig HD = $100
    additional 60 gig HD = $120
    additional 80 gig HD = $140


    Overages - $1/gig in 10 gig increments. Prepay 50 gig increments for $.75/gig or $.50/gig for 100 gig increments. Get BW by the meg for $75/meg.


    For a limited time:
    1u space = $25
    50 gigs of bandwidth = $25
    1 mbps = $75
    8 IP's included

    [/i]NOTE - if anyone is looking to start some serious colo, we are looking to add our own Cogent line and would like to get some initial customers to help with it. We are looking at offering 10mbps connections with 4 x 1u's space for $400/month. If interested email me.[/i]

    Add Cpanel/WHM to your colocated server with us for only $35/month for this special.

    Additional IP's are $1/each/month with justification. (this is for colocation only).


    Servers are located in the carrier hotel in Atlanta, GA called 56 Marietta - High quality power, HVAC, and 24/7 security.

    No contracts.

    Reboots are free. We try to provide basic assistance with server functions even when most dedicated server providers do not but for those times that require a higher level of support that is not included in an unmanaged server, then on hands technical assistance is available for $75/hr. An example of a hands on technical situation would be recompilation of any programs or damage caused by the user to the system's operating system.

    This special price for Cpanel only applies to NEW servers/licenses. We cannot accept any transfers or cancel a previous Cpanel license and re-sign up with these special prices. These are regulations laid out by Darkorb (creaters of Cpanel). Existing customers can receive this special pricing by signing up for an additional server(s) but if you cancel your original server we must cancel the special priced licenses and/or increase the monthly cost for Cpanel/WHM.

    EMAIL: [email protected]
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    Any special pricing on external CPanel licences (seeing there's supposed to be a 50% sale going on, but none of the resellers seem to know or just don't care to take this into account).

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    cogent bandwidth?


    P.D. email me the links (you know wich one)
    Joman Sierra

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    I have contacted each of you about the licenses.

    Thank you.

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    paid through palpal


    It was a pleasure to talk to you over the phone, especially on July 4th day.

    just want to let you know, I have paid the first month as a reserve and confirmation through paypal. I will send you the server soon.


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