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    ive got a qube 3 looking to install security software. what i would like to do is see what users are loged in, how long and what they are doing. i would also like users to be able to login via vpn and have a "shared" folder (like in windows network neighborhood) that they can pull up to view files...

    any help would be appriciated

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    You can use the "ps" command to see what users are doing.

    ps -auwxx

    that will show you a lot of server activity.

    If you want to see the exact keystrokes of your users, you can get TTYsnoop but if they are connected through a secure protocal such as SSH then you can snoop on them. Telnet on the other hand will work.

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    You could try installing hostsentry. It will give you reports on user interaction, though maybe not as much detail as you need
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