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    ADSI4NT IIS Web Admin Site

    Hey folks,

    About 2 years ago I started a project that everyone said “It can not be done”. I am started digging and they were right, there was NO decent web based admin tool. Sure there was one from the Resource Kit, there were a few 3rd party tools, but nothing that did not rely on a custom DLL. (I would not load them on production servers because you never know what could be in there, and look what has happened to most all of them, a security hole was found.)

    So I dug even deeper and started developing my own site. I am lucky enough to have some awesome friends who are awesome developers.. They laid the ground work, and I as an admin took over.

    I have created one of the easiest to use and most powerful Web Admin Tool’s for the Windows Hosting ISP. There is still a lot of work to do, but why start from scratch, and why pay thousands of dollars for more security risks?

    View the source and share your code….

    I do not stop in here often, but just released version 2.0 so check it out… I am not posting a SALE Ad here; because I am not SALEING anything… it will only cost you the bandwidth (all 165K of the entire program….)


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    Congratulations. I started a small project too but did not continued as It was very difficault to find information about ADSI.

    I wanted to create a hosting control panel in fact.


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    Oh great,

    I just visited your site and seems that you have offered it for free

    Great people on the web !

    I suggest you to add something for adding DSN entries and adding DNS zones

    Great Job anyway


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    Go to search for ADSI and buy a book. hehe

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