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    Domain 4 Sale:

    Hello all,
    Jonathan Regan here ...
    I'm short of funds, and have decided to sell one of my
    domains. It is known as

    (Please note that the "0" character is actually a numerical zero.)
    My fav saying about this domain "It's all for sh0!" ...

    I guess you could use this domain for almost anything, and it's
    a nice little .com for email addresses or quick fire sever consoles.
    You can type it in quickly, and once pointed out - it will stick in
    people's heads ...

    I have never operated a website on this domain, and it is setup
    with URL forwarding to point to one of my other domains. No
    business has ever been conducted across this domain, and it has
    never been submitted to the search engines etc. Raw domain.

    Anyway, if you are interested - please bid, or email me privately.
    Just one thing thanks. No smart A$$ replies ok? I do *think* this
    three character domain is worth more than say $15US, but I am
    realistic enough to expect a low price, which is only fair

    Here are a couple more details, sourced from the registrar:

    Your own Domain Manager and password.
    Free email forwarding, domain forwarding,
    url masking and domain parking!
    No fees for Registrant/Ownership changes.

    Thanks for reading, and if you know anyone who may be
    interested in this domain, then let me know. If you can sell it to
    them for more than $200US, then I'll split the money with you
    50/50. I'll pay upon the subsequent sale with PayPal. Perfect for
    those readers with large ezine or mailing lists. Maybe someone
    wants this tiny little domain

    One more thing. Payment for this domain should be through
    PayPal or E-Gold. Thanks again and happy reading


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    $70 and it's your domain for life ...
    Surely someone could sell this three character gem for more!
    Perfect for a redirection service

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