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    How to start a hosting biz ???

    Dear all,

    I'm in Vietnam and I'm quite interested in setting a hosting & domain service business. I see that Advanced Reseller Plan from is good for me.

    Because I don't have any experience in this field, so I hope to see your advice and recommendation. What steps should I do, pls help me.

    Thanks so much

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    1. you need time and money, and lots of it!

    2. you need to sort the legal side out, registering your business, paying tax etc

    3. You are looking at the voxtreme reseller plan so you seem ok on that one. What about your domain services? try (more in the domain names forum)

    4. You need a website and a phone line if you intend to supply phone support.

    5. You may need staff, if not then work out how you will fit in tech support

    6. You need to price your packages properly, not too high but not so low that you make no profit.

    7. You may need a merchant account if you want to accept credit cards, try

    7. You need to advertise, decide whether you want to concentrate more on the local side, advertising to local businesses or whether you want to advertise on the net. If the net you will need to submit the site to search engines, advertise in forums like this, on other siteds etc.
    Advertising is probably the most expensive part of it.

    8. Loook after your customers, provide good, fast support . Remember that without them you will not have a business.

    Basically make sure you have the time, money and commitment , you will need it to survive.

    The search function is disabled so i cant tell you to do that, have a browse round this forum in particular, you will find some useful advice.

    Hope this helps a bit

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    good luck hope it goes well

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