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    Choosing the right Domain Name.

    Many people got lucky and sold their domain for unbelievable prices. Was that pure luck? Or was there something that we still don't know? Is there still domain-gold left in the already mined domain market, to lay our hands on? Lets see.

    First of all what we will look in some of the main reasons which makes a domain priceless and sellable.

    # Generic or Day to Day life words.

    # Their extensions weather it is .com or .net. Its popularity. (Right now .com)

    # Less characters. (Say 4 or 5 at most)

    # Their pronunciation. (Don't say epdu or something else it is not pronounceable)

    # The keyboard relationship. (It would be easier to type in "tyru" instead of "oqzk". Some companies who wants brandable names see this)

    Now If we look into the very first point about generic or day to day life words most of them are taken. So how to find some other? Here is the tip. Just try and sit with a pen and paper when you are watching television. Write down the words that you think might be available as a domain name. You can do the same when you are reading some novel or newspaper. This trick surely pays I got many of my domains watching "Terminator" and "Home Alone" kind of movies.

    Now the extension. If you have found out a great word which is already registered with .com extension. Then you can try other TLD's. But in this you run into some kind of risk. You can surely reg "" & "" but you can't bet your money on "" or "". So just apply some thinking over here.

    Talking about less characters If you find a 3 letter name then just pounce on it. It really has the market. But there are none available right now. So look for 4 or 5 character names. Apply all our rules that we saw before and even then if it passes through all that steps without a hitch then take it in.

    Pronounceable or not is also a factor. If you know english language, which I think you will be knowing as you are reading this article then there are no problems. For those who are weak at english they can try or any other dictionaries which are available online to look for that name.

    Don't get discouraged if your word is not listed in it. You can surely ask some other guy on chat who is not interested in domains about this word. Otherwise the guy to whom you are asking may reg it before you and all your dreams might get shattered into pieces.

    The last but not the least is the keyboard relationship. Some companies may look into it. If they are willing to spend their millions for this domain and other millions for marketing it and making it into a brand. You can try this. some words are just a flick on keyboard. As I said before "tyru" is easy to type in. while oqzk is a bit tougher. Just try it and see the difference.

    For more tips like this and to sell your Priceless domains logon to:-


    You can reprint this article but the content and copyrights should stay intact.

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    EDIT: i misread post
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    I think that I have the next big domain, It is so catchy, I think. I'm sure that nobody would really spend a lot of money on it, but I think that it's easy to remember and quick to type. I don't have any content up yet, but I think that it will do good eventually.

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    Thanks for the tip. I commonly choose bad domain names, Ill bookmark this when I choose my next domain name .

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    The biggest advice I could give on choosing a good domain name is to do a little research and see if what you are looking for gets type in traffic. If you use good keywords it will not only get you indexed and ranked easier but also get you traffic from type ins. I have numerous domains like this in a wide variety of niches that are usually indexed and on the front page of Google IF NOT the number one spot JUST from the domain name!


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    My advice is to check out the online auctions such as AfterNIC, Sedo, etc. And forums such as DNforum, Namepros, etc to get a feel for what buyers are really buying. Stay on top of the news especially celebrity news.

    If you think of a domain name on your own, you will stand alone. By that I mean, even though the name may 'sound' good, it may not be what buyers are looking for. Look for type-ins too.

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    After the .com boom, it is quite difficult to find a domain of your own. For the few I own, I've put so many hours into thinking of a unique name that's not already registered.

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    good and GREAT domains are out there. The thing is it wont just fall in your lap (or browser). Spend some time and they will come

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    I think the best thing to do is think about a practical name. Try to envisage what it could be used for and who by. At the end of the day a domain really has to be turned into a website to be truly valuable.

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    Isn't a big factor in choosing a name THE PURPOSE you are getting it for?

    for instance, if you are getting domains to park and get revenue from, you might use a different set of rules than if you are getting a domain to be the store front for your business.

    A friend of mine makes $150 per day parking a bunch of domain names that are lousy by any measure of the info listed at the beginning of this thread. None of his domains are .COMs, they all have very long names, etc.

    So, I think it is important to keep in mind what you are using the domain for, as well.



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    Choosing the right Domain Name 3 points
    1. considering business concept,
    2. find alternative keyword,
    3. register it for 5 years or more to prevent domain registered by other user.

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    Domains that have a wide end user potential and have a high CPC (use google for this) like casino/poker domain names and so on have good development potential. Everyone makes mistakes when they first enter the domain industry. But if you can learn from your mistakes its beneficial. Constantly read other peoples comments. I find myself constantly learning new things even now.
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    Very Nice tips..thanks for sharing them..

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    I do find it unusual that some prospectful buyers take into account how easy a domain is to type in, it's not as if someone is in the middle of typing a domain and then gives up because it's too hard to type.

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    it true..
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    thank you for sharing good article!

    keep it up!

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    Thanks for sharing. This was useful to me. ! Keep it up.

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    Useful tips guys! 1, 2 or 3 words domain are always valuable especially if they are brandable and marketable. I am aware that most of the short good names are taken, but you could still find some which could be marketed well, if you do your research well.

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    A really important idea to think about is how does the domain roll off your tongue? Is it easy to remember when you hear it? I think this is important.

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    I agree. And it should be easier to spell otherwise you'll lose visitors when they don't know how to write your domain name in google.

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    Although picking a domain name that reflects the nature of the website is important, it is not even a close second to many other aspects of your site. Many of the successful websites, such as Google, do not have a domain name that describes the message or intent of their website at all. Although having a domain name that coincides with the direction of your site is important, the content and marketing should always be the main focus.
    There are a few basic guidelines to follow when choosing your domain name:
    1. Shorter is better.
    Domain names can be of any length up to 67 characters but a good domain name should be short, the shorter the better.
    2. Easy to remember.
    Regardless of how you are targeting people to your website or business, creating a brand that is catchy and easy to remember will always pay off.
    3.Hard to misspell.
    Even though most of your potential patrons may have a solid education, this does not always guarantee they will spell your domain name correctly.
    At least one other thing you might also consider is buying alternate domain names. If you are a small business, then spending the extra money for multiple domain names can be an investment. But as you grow, you’ll wish you had purchased the common misspellings of your company name, or at least the .net and .org versions

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    Great tips here. I am considering a domain for a local forum or chat site here in our country and was thinking of - "kanto" is a local word here for corner of a street. My friends told my it sounded good and could easily be recalled by locals here although they said the word "cyber" should go coz it is usually associated with porn or adult sites. What do you guys think? - Internet Marketing and SEO

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