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    Professional Designer

    Are you looking for professional design work? Contact me through the ways listed below...

    I am currently helping 2 friends of mine get some client work to help them along a little. Below are two examples of work, 1 for each. If you are interested, please contact me about what you need.

    eMail: [email protected]
    AIM: Koruptism
    http://www, (mine, the creator of somethingleet is working on it. It will be opened tomorrow)


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    I like's splash screens.

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    By the way, who is the creator of somethingleet ? There are only two people who created somethingleet, they are Eyeball and Vertex. You say the 'owner' is looking for work, tell me who. I post at somethingleet and i've been there for quite a while. I'd like to know who you are referring to,

    Unless your lying about it just to look good since the designers that made somethingleet are far better .
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    I am referring to vertex off hand. He is the one that is working on the design of my sites.

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