Hey guys!
I am open to taking on work if anyone needs anything done. I have only relied upon word of mouth, but figured I would try my hand at 'advertising' my services.

My name is Tanner Jones and I run the web development company TannerCREATIVE. I do HTML, Flash, php, mysql, javascript, etc. For those of you interested, I have several pieces of work I have done listed below. If you have any questions, please feel free to respond here or email me at [email protected]

www.tannercreative.com (currently working on a redesign, but look at the two flash intro's on the left)
www.tannercreative.com/new/index.html ... you guessed it! The redesign of tannercreative.com

There are others upon request, but I figured that these would give a nice wide variety of my style and capabilities. Though not seen too well just by looking at the sites, many of them are backed by an incredible administration area that allows the site owners to update it without any help from me