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    Thumbs up Good news: ICANN approves domain grace period

    If anyone lost a domain because they forgot to pay the fees or someone stole it........ Here are some good news:


    28 June 2002
    ICANN approves domain grace period

    ICANN approved a 30-day grace period for domain name renewals in an attempt to thwart cybersquatters, the group announced during its quarterly meeting yesterday.

    The overseer of Internet domains hopes the grace period will also help organisations who may find their domains have been deleted soon after their expiry date.

    In another controversial move, the group rejected a plan to let general Internet users join its executive board through an Internet vote, Reuters reported. Instead, the board will consist of a mix of representatives from government, non-profit, business and technical areas.

    --------End Quote.

    Article " ICANN approves domain grace period " from the Internet Magazine

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    Thank you Jessica

    But - ICANN thwart cybersquatters?

    NetSol is the Biggest domain squatter around - over 1,000,000 domians - what is ICANN going to do about NetSol/VeriSin?

    30 days? - NetSol has held expired domains for over 2 years, sold a few of them to.

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    Thanks for the news update Jessica.

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    Well, the 30 days has nothing to do with the release of expired domains DotComster, which is another issue that should be addressed. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    This is good news!

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    This will prevent the current Stargate situation where they drop domains on the day of expiry.
    It will make no difference to most registrars who auto renew them and apply to Versign for a refund if they are not paid within 40 days.

    In other words, it addresses the issue but the issue is not entirely what it might appear.

    With .uk domains the registry adds expired ones back into the pool randomly after many months so that noone can work out when they will become available.
    It prevents people jumping on expired domains.
    Its one of the few things Nominet have got right.
    They also avoided a domain stampede with the new by charging a very high price initally and lowering it month by month.
    That was another simple idea that prevented a potential disaster.
    Verisign (sorry ICANN! - is there a diffeence?)
    should learn from some of these simple ideas.

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    this sounds like very good news

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    Nothing good comes from ICANN, especially now that the board is self-elected.

    They simply extended the possibility of large registrars (Verisign/Netsol) to make more money if the owner is given more time to extend the registration.

    As for the "squatters" reason that was given, it's just a frontage.

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    Originally posted by GordonH

    This will prevent the current Stargate situation where they drop domains on the day of expiry.

    What's the the point of having an expiration date if they don't expire?

    I don't have a 45 day grace period on my drivers license, credit card, passport, warranties, etc...I think the grace period has become another way to cater to those who procrastinate.

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    As a matter of fact, I think Stargate's policy of dropping domains if they are not renewed is better than GoDaddy's that they are automatically renewed and charged for.

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    You are getrting mixed up here.

    I was not advocating auto renewal as standard.

    The normal procedure is for registrars to renew domains and continue to try billing for it.
    If the registrant pays up within 40 days then the domain stays in place.
    If they don;t then the fee the REGISTRAR paid to Verisign getrs refunded to THEM and the domain name is dropped.
    This is the way it has worked from the beginning of the shared registry system.
    Stargate is the ONLY registrar who do not auto renew for the 40 day period.

    There reasons for not doing it are basically cash flow.
    They may not ne long for this earth...........

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    I believe they don't advocate Verisign sitting on their cash for 45 days, while it could be used for more useful purposes (advertising, marketing, etc.). That is just good business, not instability. Personally, the registrars who have to sit on every renewal they have for 45 days in hopes that 1% of those may renew seems to be more of a concern for stability then a registrar who is dropping on the date of expiration.

    I was told that Stargate has a very good renewal % rate and knows that the domains they are dropping at expiration are most likley not going to renew.

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    I am not ina position to comment in detail but I think you will find Stargate changes hands in the next 12 months.

    $8 per domain was not a stable model which is why the increased their prices.
    It just may not have been fast enough.

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    They are privately held, how would anyone know if their model is succeeding or not? M&A does not constitute a non-working model, it's usually the opposite. They are always a top 10/11 gaining registrar and generally within the top 20 registrars. Sounds like a decent model to me, now with more profit.

    Actually, I think you will find most registrars change hands just like hosting. Eventually, 80 registrars will become 30. 30 will become 15. The big will either stay big through M&A or the small will get bigger through M&A.

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    If it was that good a model :

    Why did they increase their price to $13.95?
    Why is their whois so flakey?
    Why is thier back end unreliable?

    I am in thre process of moving a few thousand domains off them because I have no confidence in their ability to renew them when I click the renew button.

    Anyone who has used them heavily will know that they have no on site technicians outside of business hours so if their database crashes at 8pm local time it will be 9:30 the next mornin before it is back up.

    Thats my experience.
    I am willing to pay a little extra to be able to have fingernails.

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    Price has nothing to do with reliability. If that was the case everyone on this board would be pleased with Verisign and

    I don't think you can find a single registrar that has not had some a problem(s) of some sort. Personally, I have never had a problem with Stargate and I have with others.

    Why did they increase their price to $13.95? I think it's a little thing called profit margin and also what the market will bear. If you can make more money and still retain your customer base why wouldn't you raise your prices? They are not exactly a charity. Hell, I would do it.

    Why is their whois so flakey? I don't know about you, but I can go to and pull a whois everytime. I do know that Stargate, along with others, have started to block IP's to their whois.

    Why is thier back end unreliable? Never had a problem.

    Someone must be there. A technician responded to my case at 11:30pm CST a week ago.

    We have sort of moved off topic so I'll let this be my last on the subject.

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    The good news is that registrants will have 30 days to renew their domains when they expire. This is good news. Many people don't understand that the expiration date really meant they were at risk of losing their domain name. They thought of it more like "their" name, and that it was past due, not gone.

    The bad news is no one was able to get the mandatory drop window added to this provision - so that expired names must be dropped after 45 days. Too bad.

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