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    Your predictions for low-cost dedicated providers

    Well about 6 months ago I started looking around at other dedicated providers besides RS to kind of split up my stuff so I did not "have all my apples in one bucket" and also pondered with the idea of reselling managed server solutions.

    Well after waiting for all the "suprise" managed providers and new provders coming in the market I decided to watch over them for a couple of months and see the response of how happy people were with the new options and see if I could find a reliable provider. Well as most of you know there is a post about this one and that one everyday with horror stories of 3 day to 3 week unanswered support requests..

    So what I see so far is that Rackshack is still the only place that is reliable enough to handle my needs.. I know that are not managed and you are pretty much on your own but if you have any clue what your doing you can handle this.. All I am asking is for 10 min of under reboots and a decent support that will look into issues when there is something going on with there end, not have to wait it out and weat bullets wondering when and if the support is going to get back to me..

    So I would like your predictions, Is RS going to be the big dog for good or are these new guys going to shape up a little, I would also like to hear any goo responses you have had with your providers if you have any.. Thanks in advance..

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    I, like you have been looking around at other companies offering comparable prices/services.

    No doubt that RackShack is the big dog at the moment, and they probably will be for a while. They have a huge lead in the market with over (is it 8K?) servers. That is a staggering number, even when you consider the large number of complaints / horror stories we read here everyday I personally believe the server:complaint ratio is lower than most of their competitors.

    I think Mr. Marsh made a excellent move by bringing in the Compaq servers. I believe that had RackShack stuck with the plagued Duron servers they would have paid for it later on. The Compaqs are a much welcomed addition to their offerings.

    One company that interests me at the moment is Nocster/Burstnet. Their prices on WHM/CPanel simply can't be beat in the industry. This will no doubt help them close the gap on RS and fill the gap for affordable WHM/CPanel servers. I think we'll see Nocster the nearest threat to RS in the "budget" dedicated server market.

    I think it will be difficult for the new / smaller companies to compete, simply because RS has the revenue and backing of EV1.

    Then again... I have been wrong before.

    Whoops, sorry if I wondered a little off-topic.
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