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    Ventures Online


    I'm just wondering if anyone has any input about Ventures Online web hosting?

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    We colocate all of our servers there, and have only very positive things to say about them. They are very prompt about reboot requests, they have been very generous with their time and spare parts when we have hardware issues, they seem to have an excellent network - no real time down that I can think of, billing is right on too. They are also very pleasant when we go down there to install new equipment.

    We also have a few virtual hosting accounts setup with them (we do Win2K hosting only on our own servers) and haven't had any problems with those either. In fact, we needed a few perl modules installed to make PerlDesk run, and they had the modules installed very quickly, even though I put in the request on a Saturday evening.
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    2,508, the best web host I have ever used, excellent uptime, and support. I have never had any complaints.
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    I have had an account with VenturesOnline (aka VO) for over eight months now, and they are by far the best hosting company out there. I suggest when the search function comes back online do a search for VenturesOnline, you wont find many negative comments about them.

    VO gets my thumbs up!

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    I got a dedicated server with them last year - still going strong.
    Also have a virtual reseller acount there, great to.

    They are also a very friendly bunch of people.

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    Haven't got bad experience with VO too. The only problem I see is that if a host is too successful many people will sign up with them and then the quality might go down. What do you host veterans think?

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    I currently have 2 sites with them, and am very happy with the service. I've only ever had one problem, and they fixed it with a few minutes of placing a support request. Sign up with them, you'll be glad you did.
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    You might want to search the forums for more information, once the search function is back up.

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    Fast and professional support

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    I'm pretty much with Walter. VO is a team of nice people who help. Good service.

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