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    Programmer needed

    Hi all,

    I am looking for programmer to do something on a script.

    I have a perl script which need to change it back to some readable format. Why I say readable? Becasue the script currently seems to encoded and I asked the original programmer, he said:

    The scripts are distributed in pre-compiled (obfuscated) format; this is not really encryption therefore there is no way to 'decrypt' them.

    If anyone is able to change the script to readable format, that would be great. I don't know whethe this can be done or not becasue I am not a programmer. I can pay through paypal.

    If any interested, you can PM or email me. Thanks.

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    If the script is compiled then you can't decompile it in Perl again.

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    if you paid the original programmer to write the script for you then you have rights on source code( if it is not explicitly said in the contract that source code belongs to the programmer).

    this is MO.
    Gokhan Arli
    Web Developer(RubyOnRails/MySQL/.NET)

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