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    Lightbulb ZeonHost Yearly Plan Sale - Multiple Domain Support - $10.00 Off!

    ZeonHost is now offering a special discount for a limited time on all yearly plans. You'll receive $10.00 off the yearly fee for as long as your have the plan.

    $89.95 per year
    6gb transfer (multi-homed, not Cogent)
    150mb space
    10 subdomains
    20 POP e-mail accounts
    10 mailing lists
    10 MySQL databases

    $119.95 per year
    8gb transfer (multi-homed, not Cogent)
    250mb space
    15 subdomains
    50 POP e-mail accounts
    20 mailing lists
    15 MySQL databases

    $149.95 per year
    9gb transfer (multi-homed, not Cogent)
    350mb space
    20 subdomains
    100 POP e-mail accounts
    30 mailing lists
    20 MySQL databases

    $189.95 per year
    10gb transfer (multi-homed, not Cogent)
    400mb space
    30 subdomains
    150 POP e-mail accounts
    50 mailing lists
    25 MySQL databases

    $239.95 per year
    12gb transfer (multi-homed, not Cogent)
    500mb space
    40 subdomains
    250 POP e-mail accounts
    100 mailing lists
    30 MySQL databases

    All plans include
    99.5% uptime guarantee
    30-day unconditional money-back guarantee
    H-Sphere Account Control Panel
    Site Studio Site Creation Tool
    Host 5 domains from one account
    Web-Based File Manager
    Password Protection Manager
    PHP 4.1.2
    MySQL 3.23.41
    Perl 5.6.1
    Anonymous FTP Server
    SSL (with your own certificate)
    Dedicated IP*
    Webalizer Statistics
    phpMyAdmin MySQL Control Panel
    Frontpage 2002 Extensions
    *Dedicated IP requires justification per ARIN regulations

    With our extensive customer support, you'll always get quick answers. See exactly why we have a 3.88/4.00 user rating on HostSearch.

    For more information, please visit ZeonHost at
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    Question How long?

    How long is this offer good for?

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    The offer will expire on July 16th.
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    * one more question

    Does your company accept payment by U.S personal check if prepaid for a year in advanced? Thank you!

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    We only accept eChecks. If you wish to pay via eCheck, please use the contact area of our web site to get in touch with us.
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