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    looking for quotes for an EXTERNAL CPanel licence

    Well, I was going to send some emails to CPanel resellers, but I think posting here will be easier.

    I'm looking for quotes for an EXTERNAL CPanel licence from companies participating in the 4th July sale. I might consider switching me Ensim box to CPanel now it's available half price.

    Would like a company that will do the install free of charge (don't worry about Ensim, I'll back the sites up on a second harddrive or on my second server if it's online already and have the OS restored (free of charge at fdcserver ).

    I'm sure many others will be intrested in this pricing, but if you would like to keep it private, there's that little PM button you can use

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    Word of advise,

    When it comes to CPanel licenses, don't look for the cheapest, but most reliable provider.

    Visit and take notice of the verified distributors.

    I'd recommend dealing only with them
    Norm Sherman @ Netacore
    Fast/Reliable cPanel hosting on premium bandwidth

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    I did ask one or 2 of them, but they were still charging their normal pricing instead of the 50% off deal...

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    Smile cpanel liscense

    I just got 3 liscenses for $59.00 a piece. Unfortunateley I cannot provide the cpanel distributors information here because I might break forum rules

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