I got a remote storage space account with FDCServer but it only works in the first few days. After which, it is either extremely slow (1mb download takes over 40mins to download) or either inaccessible. It seems that the downtime of about 99% is not an exaggeration.

I have tried countless times to write to Petr via emails, PM, ICQ and everything to cancel the account for over a month now but I just do not hear anything from him.

Here is part of the FAQ on their website which seems like a big joke. Apparently, they did not live up to their promise and they do not respond.

Q: What is your internet connection and what transfer speeds I am going to get ?
A: Our company has several 100Mbit full-duplex fiber connections directly to OC-48 (2.4Gbps). Your speeds can be anywhere from
300Kbps - 4000Kbps , depending on your connection and the traffic load on our servers

Q: How do you prevent your servers going slow if hundreds of people are uploading/downloading from your servers ?
A: We realize that transfer speeds are most important aspect for our customers....If we see that bandwidth on a certain line is reaching its limit we
simply add a new100Mbit connection
Has anyone had any success getting hold of Petr when the server is in trouble or for the sake of cancellation ?

I sure do not want to get billed again for this lousy service. I am sick of bad host. It definitely seems hard to recommend FDCserver to anyone.