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    UK email solution recommendation


    We are looking for an email solution. The web page is just a single place holder page so no special web hosting features required. What we need is;

    - A reliable mail solution ie server doesn't go down often.

    - Around 5GB of email bandwidth per month.

    - An easy enough web mail facility (users are not very technical), ideally SmarterMail as users are used to it and with ideally a url like so it is easy to remember for users.

    I have considered clook but their web mail access is a bit complicated and choice of two web mail options actually confuses users.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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    could you tell me your budget, please?
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    It’s a company so I guess up to a couple/few hundred pounds should not be a problem.

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    Is a few hundred punds too little a budget?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yahya
    Is a few hundred punds too little a budget?
    Noop, I think it's sum of money is O'k.

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    No recommendations still?

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    Have a look at offer section here. You also may go with simple hosting package easily. I'm sure that most of hosters will compromise.

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