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    What's the best hardware review site?

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    B/c it's the most complete coverage of almost anything hardware you can find...

    Also fun videos of chips going toasty etc.
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    there is not another one that goes so far in depth of the reviews.

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    2,508 - reguarded as the most sufficient. I bought several products and on the package it says "This product recommended by". That alone really tells me tom knows what he is doing
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    Tom's Hardware has to be at the top of the list. Anandtech seems to be pretty good as well. I recall reading something awhile back on Tom's site about how they get pre-released hardware to test for big companies. When major manufacturers recognize you as a leader for providing information on their products, then that is something else. The added bonus is when a sticker is on the box of a new product stating it was recommended by Tom's Hardware Guide, as mentioned above.
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