i had recently signed up for communityarchitect partnership program and was asked to change the dns setting after changing these settings my email service,which was provided by oemmail stopped working everytime i would logon to the email page themail.iomx.com or themail.iomx.com/login i would receive a message stating the site is available.

This is beacuse i have signed up for my sub domains to be used as website for my users eg freeserver.com or geocities.com)with communityarchitect.com.i had asked them to change the dns setting as before which oemmail.com had asked me to,when i had signed up with them .but the mail service doesnt work,communityarchitect.com to gave me the zone file to check if anything is incorrect but i dont know anything about zone file.please help!!!

the zone file as follows

IN MX 10 mail.oemmail.com.

www IN CNAME iomx.com.
ftp IN CNAME iomx.com.
webmail IN CNAME siteurl.everyone.net.
pop IN CNAME pop.communityarchitect.com.
themail IN CNAME web.oemmail.com.

i have contacted oemmail twice, but they havent replyed yet

P.S my websites url is http://www.iomx.com