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    * Partner needed for project.

    Iīm going to create a "free stuff" site and would need a partner since I donīt have time to manage it myself.

    Iīve already got the domain:
    And I will provide hosting for the site.

    I need a partner who has created some websites before, is good at design and has some time to put into the "project".
    The design doesnīt need to have "advanced" graphics, just clean and basic, but needs to be professional looking.

    The person Iīm looking for is prepared to do the bigger part of the design since I provide domain and hosting.

    We will split all profit 50/50.

    If you are interested please mail me at: [email protected] and let me see some work youīve done and tell me a little about you.


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    How can there be profit from a "free-stuff" website? Please don't say you are going to charge people to see the "free stuff", that's ironic though. lol

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    Banners? Pop-ups?

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    For example: receives over one million visitors a month and their newsletter has over 180,000 subscribers.

    Itīs pretty easy to understand that the advertising revenue from such a site is pretty OK.

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    No offense, but someone could start it on their own and make more than partnering with you. You have the domain, yes and you'll pay for hosting.

    With a site like that, you can get hosting for around $15/month - which is cheap and a domain for $8 a year.

    With what you paid for, your getting 50%? Doesn't seem fair to me.

    Why should someone go with you besides starting up their own site and going at it alone?
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    Originally posted by SpeedPromote
    For example: receives over one million visitors a month and their newsletter has over 180,000 subscribers.

    Itīs pretty easy to understand that the advertising revenue from such a site is pretty OK.
    The problem with your concept is who would use your site over What makes it so unique? What makes it better than the rest?

    Go ahead and make it but people will just think it's another average site on the internet. People use sites that are well known and that have been around for awhile. Lets say a new search engine comes around. Great. But people would still use Google and Yahoo because they know it gets the job done, and they already know it works, so they won't even bother with the new search engine.

    Same would apply with your new conecpt.

    Good Luck.

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    I just said that the partner would do the bigger part of the design. Note that "the bigger part" is not the whole site.

    And after the site was up we would share all work.

    Doesnīt that seem fair?

    Iīm not creating this site to earn money, Iīm creating it just for fun and to learn.

    So the partner Iīm looking for will not be in it for the money.
    Iīm looking for a partner just because I thought it would be too much work to do this "project" on my own since I donīt have very much spare time.

    What Iīm offering here is a chance to start a site from scratch and watch it grow without having to spend a dime. Still an unfair offer?

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    Well I know that itīs not easy to become big, but even if the site become another average "free stuff" site it will have a lot of visitors. My goal is not to become the biggest, my goal is to see how much work such a site needs and how hard it is to promote.
    Itīs not a serious business project where I want to earn big bucks, I just had a domain that would fit such a site and wanted to do something with it, itīs a "hobby" project which I will work on in some of my spare time.

    Another thing with "free stuff" sites is that the content often isnīt the same, so every "free stuff" site has something unique to offer. The users of "free stuff" sites usually goes to more than one "free stuff" sites.

    And hey, Iīm not thinking about creating a new search engine here, just a simple "free stuff" site on my spare time.

    I just mentioned to easily explain how one can make profit from a "free stuff" site, I guess I shouldnīt have mentioned the word "profit" since everybody seems to think that Iīm after money.

    Thank you for your posts, and thank you for your wish of good luck.

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