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    telemarketing, auto-dialing, and VOIP

    Are there any voip providers out there that would support this? I'm looking for a cheap application.

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    In short yes. I currently am consulting to a business that is doing just this. Some wholesale voip providers won't take the risk of that type of business where others don't have a problem. Of course that assumes you are aware of the DNC and other restrictions since even using voip you still can get sued.

    Not much to work with from your post as to what exactly you are after. How many minutes a month as well as to where since finding a voip provider than can handle your dialing volume (mainly due to # of channels used at once when auto dialing) without issue can be difficult.

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    Well you first need to decide how many calls out you want to do at once. Then what is your budget? Do you need any incoming lines?

    Then you need to go to and see what your internet can handle Bandwidth wise for the amount of calls at once.

    Then your next decision after that will be do you want to use a pbx system like trixbox to do it all and find some kind of system that auto dails calls? OR do you want lets say a physical box in your office w/ two lines, 1 line is dedicated to per person you have.

    Then your last decision is to figure out how to get the auto dailing solution, and follow the DNC list.

    I use a solution that costs 19.95 USD a month, for unlimited incoming and outgoing to the US and canada, but its only one line. So mabe something liek that, will work for you

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    HEre is something that can help you. its a nice telemarketer program. You can even import the national DNC list right in to save yourself from law suit.

    Register as a telemarketer here to get the dnc list of numbers!

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    I'm going to do "missed call telemarketing." So potentially I will be using a channel 24/7, although there won't be very many minutes logged. Are there providers that will let you buy channels?

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    it really depends on how many agents you have logged in for that particular campaign. and I dont think those unlimited monthly doesnt cut it. Go with those pay as you go voip providers.

    Here are some good voip providers that are compatible with predictive dialers.

    Binfone - A sponsor of VICIDIAL (an open source Predictive Dialer)
    Teliax - Nice and good voip provider
    commpartners - the best.

    just remember though that in every telemarketing campaign that you have to scrub clean your list for those DNC numbers.
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    Pay as you go Voice Blast/Broadcast service! Only pay for the VoIP minutes you consumed.

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    you can go for hosted pbx solutions, but most of the providers out there now do support telemarketing solutions. BUt most of them limit on per channel basis.
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    I have also looked into arcada, it looks lie a decent program on the face of it and teh price looks ok too.

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    Hosted Call Center

    Quote Originally Posted by pribcess275 View Post
    I have also looked into arcada, it looks lie a decent program on the face of it and teh price looks ok too.

    Arcada looks to be single paid solution but expensive as it sounds.

    You should try the following providers - I have been in this business for some time and tried the following services. - the leader in call center solutions. They have literally everything you want and possibly need in future. But beware, if you are a small business owner - you will not have enough wallet power to have them email you back. - very good virtual pbx provider. They provide call-blast, auto scheduling, live answering and virtual call center as add-on services. The solution is a blend of their CRM (not full blown - pretty basic - just has the script, customer details, notes and call disposition fields). Angel/Salesforce CRM are pretty sophisticated. The leads are automatically called and pushed back to the CRM instead of manually dialing each. Their tracking system is the best I have seen. We have few agents working in Philippines and we always had constant monitoring problem. The system can track when they are logging in, how many calls they took, how many they spent on call disposition with each *call recorded* etc. The system allows us to cold call 300 each day. - grandmother machine for virtual pbx industry. ACDs come in their second plan. If you are looking for inbound and do not require a CRM - this is it. It does not support outbound. We preferred it until we needed some outbound activity also. Per minute may come and bite you but still will work out cheaper if you have low minute usage. - Pretty expensive. Never used them but few companies I know use them and they are happy with their service.

    Lot of options to choose for.

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    I'll recommend you to go for Rhombus technologies, they are specialized in software development, application development, wifi services etc.

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