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    Arrow PHP coder looking for work (JAY) ............

    I do use SQL a bit, but if you need something huge, forget it, I can do anything with text-files if that is what you need, I am coming out with 3 new websites, but need money for hosting, and thats where you come in :-) I will code you a whole BB for money, just tell me, I will do it. My rate is $5 to $15 an hour, which from what I see is way cheaper than anybody else. It depends on what you need, if you need something large, I charge $5 to $10 because im going to spend more time on it.
    I think I am very resonable, and I trade for things, not just money.

    I dont want hosting offers, unless it meets this:

    500mb Disk
    20gb BW
    1 free domain
    2 years or more
    own IP
    Control panel
    Access to DNS
    unlim POP3
    unlim subdomains

    I know that is VERY picky, its just that is what im getting with the money Please contact my by one of the following methods:

    AIM: Kaotic Mind Com
    ICQ: 163890578
    Email: [email protected]

    Somebody IM'ed me named Jay SOMETHING, if this is you please IM me again, if it isnt, IM ME ANYWAY I NEED WORK!! lol bye!
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    High spec, high prices = no reply apart from mine so far
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