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    Awesome tip for major ICQ users that do tech support!

    Hello, being a frequent ICQ user I was looking for a way to recieve ICQ notifications when I recieve an email or support tecket so I and our techs could increase response time even more so. I came up with the following method...

    Set up the email you want notifications from with a forward and forward them to [email protected] Then when an email is sent to the email address you have setup with a forward, it will forward the message to [email protected] which notifys you via ICQ.


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    We use this when servers go down. It seems like the messages NEVER stop coming in!
    - joey

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    nice tip... thanks.

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    We would never have that problem with servers going down he he! Good tip, ill try it out later on this evening.

    Take care,
    [email protected]
    "We look after our customers, or someone else will"

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    This tip was thanks to Tetraboy. If you enjoyed it please contact me so you can pay me $5.

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