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Thread: Plesk downloads

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    Plesk downloads

    Man, have I ever been getting the run around from my current dedicated hosting provider.

    What i'm looking for here is version 2.0.1 standard install of Plesk.

    I combed the Plesk website, can't find it anywhere, checked their ftp, not there, emailed [email protected] no response, emailed [email protected] was told something that didn't help my situation.

    I posted on the Plesk web board, was told to contact sales lol!!!

    I posted on my hosting providers web board, was told to contact Plesk.. lol!!

    Ok, I know there's alot of people here running, or that for surley have the free install file of Plesk v2.0.1 standard.

    Does anyone know a direct link or ftp where I can download this install file, Yes, I know it's the older version of plesk but that's all my license key is good for so I want to download it then upgrade from there.... All I can find on google is 1.3.0 - 2.0.0 and 2.5.x.

    Can someone please help a stressed out fellow here! : )

    If anyone has it saved locally or anything I would be more then willing to make an FTP account and give you the details as so you could upload it to my server...

    Many many thanks!

    Nathan Cash

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    what happend to your orrginal download?
    Patrick Schrader

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    I deleted an old admin account that had the install file in it and then poof!!

    Yeah so when I deleted the old admin account it removed all of the files/folders in the account.

    It's ok now though, i've gotten a copy of it, thanks anyways though guys!

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