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    Curious about WHT

    Just being curious and if you dont answer me then so be it but about what does this forum pull in transfer and space. Im sure its on a dedicated server but how much hard drive space is it using and how much gigabytes is it pulling. Ive ran forums wit only 500 users and we would gain about 20 megabytes a day and do over a few gigs transfered a day. So im wondering what this 16,000 massive forum can pull. No reason just curious but im sure many others our curious too.

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    Search the Forum archive. I think Matt mentioned it a while back then.

    From what I remember, the database is using a couple hundred MB, and monthly traffic is about 40-50GB, using gzip. (I may be way off).


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    Transfer sounds right, db size seems a bit small. Likely to be nearly a Gig by now.
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    yeah this thing has to be using a ton of bandwidth and space.

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