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    OneFusion with new data loc - any better?


    I like OneFusion's pricing (60GB disk, 100GB transfer for $60.m) but of course I am concerned about up time, too many domains being hosted, and speed issues (they seem to be quick on the support questions). Supposedly they moved data locations this last month, any one who use them have any comments, feedback on their uptime?

    thanks, Jeff

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    I've hosted with them even when they were at the old miami data center. From what I understand from the owner, the provider who they got colo with in the miami datacenter really screwed them badly by giving all sorts of problems, ie packet loss, shifting the blame on other factors, etc. I sure am glad they move ever since then, I've yet to experience down and with the new data center they really lived up to their 99% uptime garantee.

    Oh, for that type of cheapo money I'm paying them, I wouldnt expect such good results frankly

    No hard feelings ck...

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    I cant stress enough...

    Make sure its the real deal...

    60 gig HDD space and 100 GIG bandwidth is what you would get with a dedicated server for twice that money of $60.

    I still find it so hard to believe that they can offer this... Maybe i should buy one of these plans and back up some of my servers on them i dont think they would like me using even more than 5 gigs not 60 gigs of space.

    Maybe there stocked with the new 260 gig hdds and there servers cost them $100 all up and they have 3 Resellers on each.. but i dont buy it!

    This is only my own opinion... because i know what good deals are on dedicated servers and deals that simply dont excist.

    Kind regards
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