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    * No more ads!

    We have decided to make our free URL redirection service ad-free!
    Many features and NOT ANY annoying pop-ups or banner ads.


    Try our free URL redirection!

    Some of the features:

    - Redirecting with and without "www."

    - Advanced META TAG support: All important Meta Tags like description and keywords are included on the Redirecting Accounts (still quite important for search engines!)

    - Dynamic IP support: Members can easily update their target URL to their current IP adress. This is perfect if you want to use your own computer as a web server.

    - Intelligent Path-Forwarding! will be forwarded to the directory "path" on the target URL only if the directory exists (if it does not exist you will be forwarded to the "normal" target URL).

    - Cloaking on/off: Members can choose whether to hide their URL behind the Redirecting URL or not.
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    Heads up! No ads... Good going!

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