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    New FreeBSD Cpanel

    Nic posted here last week in another thread that he was releasing a CPanel version that would be FreeBSD compatible in a couple of days (which I took to mean 2 days). It's been about a week since he made that post, and I'm wondering when/if the new FreeBSD compatible CPanel was released, and if anyone has tried it yet.

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    You can head on down to there are a couple of CPanel releases for FreeBSD lying around. I think DarkOrb is still working on making it fully compatible/workable just like the Linux ones.

    Hope this helps
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    I wonder if it'd be too hard to hack up the FreeBSD version to be compatible with OpenBSD?
    - joey

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    As far as FreeBSD CPanel---- we're actually working behind the scenes with Darkorb to solidify an "improved" or 99.9% stable release candidate. Time has been scarce lately, to say the least.

    What you'll find on layer1 at the current time would be a build that is probably 30 to 40% effective.... that is, 60% of it is buggy on most systems. You might have better luck depending on your install and tweaked up environent.

    A much improved release is on the agenda- definitely not far off. Perhaps Nick & darkorb can elaborate more.

    At any rate we're stoked about it.

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    Sounds great! Thanks for the info. Maybe Nick'll stop by and update us some more.

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