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    Is it me or are people using this board, receiving alot more emails regarding hosting offers then usual.

    Only this morning, yet another 3 companies have sent emails regarding there offers.

    Sent 3

    Any one got any comments on this subject.


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    They spammed all our email accounts for the third time. I already complaint to their upstream provider.

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    I haven't seen any personally, but it's entirely possible that it's going to go on. I only got my usual morning dose of hardcore European farm animal naughty behaviour and incredible offers where I too can make money from home. (Tell that to someone who isn't already full-time employed from home. )

    Do you use your email address elsewhere for web hosting stuff? (Other boards, etc.) I only use a Yahoo email address for this board for that specific reason. I figure if I get spammed, I check it maybe once a week and dump it all. Easier that way.
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    I havent gotten any, i think if you post a request then you will be sent tons of emails.
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