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    How do I assign new IP's to existing nameservers?

    I registered two nameservers ( and with GODADDY, and now I would like to change the IP addresses that they have.

    (I am changing hosting reseller companies and the new company will obviously give me different IP's..)

    Does anyone know how to do this with godaddy? I have several domains that are using these nameservers, and I do not want to experience any downtime related to the nameserver update.

    I don't need assistance with the actual DNS changes, or moving from one host to another.. I just need to know how to update the two existing nameservers with different IP's, and if the change will incur any downtime.


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    I'm not sure how about Godaddy but at Enom, I just de-associate my domain from my nameservers by entering other nameservers and email enom to delete my nameservers. After they informed me that my nameservers have been deleted, I re-register the nameservers using another ip.

    Maybe you could try looking whether there is a delete nameserver option in godaddy.

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    Deleting the nameservers and then re-creating them would cause too much downtime...

    I wonder if there is a way to do this without any downtime. If you are emailing to ask them to delete the nameservers, why not just ask them to change them to the new IP's?

    I've emailed godaddy, so hopefully they'll have a way to do this!

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    Modifiying a name server will most likely result in down time to all domains useing it - just try to minimize it. Also make sure to tell all your hosted sites to be ready for "some" downtime.

    I know a few Goddady users who had to their name server info recently, it was no big hastle.

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    I went through this a couple weeks ago. I e-mailed my domain registrarís ( support department and let them know that I wanted to update the IPs associate with my nameservers and gave them all the relevant information. They replied to verify that the e-mail was authentic and that I was 100% ready to go ahead with the change, I confirmed their inquiry and they proceeded to update the IPs for my nameservers.

    It took a total of 5 days from when I sent the first e-mail, until the nameservers started resolving with the new IPs.

    Hope this helps.


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    With Stargate at one time I just emailed the support department the corrected IP address and they took care of it within a few hours!
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    Why not list your new name servers as and and have your customers update their DNS records?
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    To avoid downtime change the IP for ns2 wait for it to fully propagate, mirror sites on both servers, after ns2 is solid then change the IP for ns1. You will not see any downtime what you will see for about 2 days is one time the sites load they will go to the new server next time maybe the old server. But if you do this over a week or so you will not see any downtime from it all.

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