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    * MSI Offering Bluetooth Motherboards

    Just surfed on to MSI and look what i found...

    wonder what that bluetooth function on the mobo's for...

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    -First motherboard with Bluetooth solution!
    - Transceiving module: MSI™ exclusive Bluetooth-enabled bracket
    - Tranceiving Key: allows bluetooth connection to any devices with USB host interface. (Optional)
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  3. I think you can use that motherboard to communicate with your Bluetooth enabled phone e.g. T68i
    Maybe you can use it to sync the addressbook on your computer and the bluetooth phone.

    Another possibility is you can use bluetooth enabled earpiece that was originally meant for cell phones to listen to MP3s played by your computer.
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    Bluetooth, is a home wireless spec it can be used up to 15 feet away, as I remember...

    There are printers, scanners, etc one the drawing board that will use the bluetooth spec....
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    it was very hard to find any cheap bluetooth device when i wanted to connect my gprs cellphone to desktop p.c., so have to return nokia 6310 bluetooth cellphone

    I guess now days are near when bluetooth will be standard feature with every MB or atleast laptops. Even today also bluetooth enabled laptops costs allot and infrared is not much helpful.
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