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    How does this package sound?

    Hi All,

    Would like everyone opinion, how does this sound:

    Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz (533MHz Bus)
    512MB DDR Memory
    60GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
    500GB Monthly Transfer (Cogent)
    8 IP's Included
    Redhat v7.3, FreeBSD or Windows
    Your choice of Ensim or Plesk control panel
    APC Remote Rebooter
    Guaranteed 24/7 Support direct access to our techs mobile

    Monthly Price of $149
    Setup Fee $275

    OR $299 Monthly unlimited 10Mbit connection

    All comments will be greatly appreciated!

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    If it's really just Cogent with no backups, I'd say no, personally. Definately a decent box though.

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    We do have backup, but so far haven't needed it in 2 years time ;-). Also the setup fee with the unlimited would drop to $200.

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    I'd say Windows licenses would kill you price wise

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    By the way, the forum rules says that all surveys need to be posted in the ad forums.

    I think the pricing is very competitive. Although if you want to be even more competitive, consider lowering your setup fee. Also, consider if you really need the cutting edge P4 2.4Ghz. You (and consequently you clients) pay a premium for these cutting-edge components.


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    sorry if this is in the wrong place. What we are trying to do is give you the 2.4GHz but your clearly not paying for the premium. Maybe we could also offer a few lower end models with a lower setup.

    Keeps the comments coming! ;-)

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    If you added a reasonable one time upgrade fee to be able to juice that up to 1gig RAM, I'd likely be all over the $299 10mbps connection. That's a horse of a machine.

    Just my 2cts.

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    Absolutely we are willing to do this! We plan to have these machines ready to launch end of this month. I will keep everyone informed and message you when it's ready..

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