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    Realtime Chat Hosting

    I've searching chat solution for my site. Curently I use Jpilot & IRC server combo but I don't like dependency on IRC server too much as my user can't connect to the port 6667-7000 because of firewalled.

    I've read this article ;

    And found Akiva's ChatSpace is the best solution because of it's server/client combo, but sad, the server running only on NT server. But I'll not buy the software instead hosting the chat server somewhere else.

    Any suggestion of best hosting on chat ( preferably chatspace hosting ).

    Or share your experience running webchat.

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    check out cyanchat, its the best online chat i've ever seen...

    you could ask Mark DeForest about getting source or something... and i'm sure a chat server/client wouldn't be that hard to write from scratch.

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    How about binding the irc server to a diffrent port such as port 80 etc? that wouldn't be blocked.

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    if you bound the IRC server to port 80 then no one could see your website

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    I use at port 443 ..ssh default port and my user can connect...holla !

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    This forum officially ****ing sucks

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