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    XServe from Apple, who offers?

    I look at :

    Apple ships Xserve :
    >Apache Web Server -- Xserve can support 60 percent more connections on an Apache Web Server than an IBM eServer x330. Under industry standard WebBench performance benchmarks, an Xserve running Apache on Mac OS X Server can support 4,051 web connections per second compared to 2,547 connections per second on an IBM eServer x330 running Apache on Linux. Xserve provides an affordable and robust server platform for even the most industrial strength web applications.

    Who Dedicated Hosting companies already offers this? please give me info!

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    xserve hosting

    these guys offer xserve hosting:

    They got their first one in yesterday, you can see it on the cam:

    Good luck,
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    Bit off topic, but XServe has a very smooth look to it
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    A little while ago, Spymac published a "press release" of XServeRack who announced in vague terms the intention to offer hosting on XServe boxes. From looking through the forum on their site, I got the impression that they don't exactly know what they are doing, but who knows, maybe I'm wrong...

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