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Thread: Linux help

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    Linux help

    Hi, i have moved from windows servers to linux and am struggling

    Do i need just 1 nic or 2 nics?

    also, i have noticed that the dns that come with linux is totally different to the dns that comes with windows so can anyone advise me on a website on how to set it up. Also, the same with apache, does anyone know a good website where i can learn to set it up.

    I need to secure this thing, and have no idea what im doing, so can someone advise me on what software i need to secure it, and where i can get it from

    Thanx for your help, Matt.

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    Linux System: Administration: A User's Guide:

    Linux Internet Server:





    The Linux Documentation Project:



    Security Basics:

    Download a SSH Client (Secure Shell) and use that instead of Telnet, then switch off Telnet.
    Good SSH Client is

    Set SSH to write all its actions to a LOG file in APPEND mode, these will be useful later for discovering errors etc! Also if you ever need to repeat the steps.



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    SSH Client

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    good links aljuhani
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