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    Yahoo Stores


    I have spent the last few hours reading tons of great and informative posts about third party processors like iBill, Worldpay, revecom, and 2CheckOut. I haven't seen much info on Yahoo Stores (found one good post on my search). I'm curious what people's thoughts are, and if the lack of posts is because people are staying away from some reason. It seems on the expensive side - more like at WorldPay than a 2CheckOut. Am I wrong in lumping Yahoo in withthese companies?

    Any comments from Yahoo Store users?


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    Yahoo stores are much more commonly used for selling tangible goods like CDs, computers, etc... in fact, I don't think I've ever seen a Yahoo store selling something like web hosting.. if that's what you meant.
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    I see a lot of computer stores and stuff use Yahoo but I don't think you'd use them for web hosting.

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    I ran a searhc on yahoo stores for hosting and half a dozen or so stores came up

    as you can see, compared to the number of stores in other categories, this is virtually none.

    yahoo stores is a nice system for a simple shopping cart but it brands yahoos name, uses yahoo checkout and unlike with a 3rd party processor who handles your payment only, yahoo stores appears with the yahoo name all the time.

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    The real problem with Yahoo! Stores for webhosting is the way it's intergrated with the rest of yahoo. Lets say you go to the main yahoo page, and slap "Nokia" in there as a search.. the first thing you'll see on the results is "Over 13,000 Nokia Listings on Yahoo! Shopping"...

    BUT, but hosting in a yahoo search once... First result you get back? "Domains: get a Web Address from Yahoo! Domains
    GeoCities: get Web Site Hosting at Yahoo! GeoCities
    Servers: Dedicated Servers for personal or corporate web presence ".. because, you know, Yahoo sells domains, sites, and servers now.

    So unless someone specifically (as TedS did) goes to Shopping and looks for hosting that way, it'll never be found.
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