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    Need all opinions, issues, ideas, etc.

    I can take it as long as you are nice

    It would mean alot to me if anyone could just even look at it and let me know any problems or potential problems, design flaws or suggestions.

    Thanks so much!!!!


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    It's clean, attractive and overall I like it . The only comment I have to say is that the site took a fair amount of time to load, which is usually never the case with me these days due to my upgarde to 512kbps cable modem. (however this could be because of the pop-up that loads, and it could slow things down a bit, but who knows...)

    Other than that it's a nice site.

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    Hi geekpipe,

    I like it. The header is great. I like the logo. It was fast loading for me here. The guy with the big wrench on the "sellers" page is a bit freaky, but otherwise...

    Great job!

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    very nice, professional and complete looking site you have there.....

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    Okay your going to hate me but when my opion is asked i give the true answer.

    I love the design. Its clean and its simple. As for load time i couldnt help because im one of those blessed enoguh to have one of those pretty little boxes that say Cable Modem on them LOL.

    I only noticed one thing i didnt like about your site. You have a popup on there and that tends to bother many people. You may want to find some other way of displaying that with out having it popup. Ohter wise you did a very good job with this one.

    KEEP IT UP!!

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    Very nice design! I'd have to just echo the other comments. The load time seemed a little long (even on a high-speed connection). I was looking at a white page for a couple of seconds!

    Also, the pop-up has to go. Nothing irritates me more than pop-ups!

    Other than those, great site!
    Peachtree WebWorks, LLC

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    I love the design! The load time was pretty quick (I'm on a T1) thing I'm not particularly fond of is the font of the links on the top right bar. I never liked those flat looking texts.

    But overall, the design and content are great.

    Kind regards,
    InterNich LLC

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    really liking it its very good and it didnt take long to load, so good site.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I will be taking out the popup. Just wanted to get people interested with a hook.

    Anyone know a real traffic booster way? I see these ebay deals but they all look like BS. 10,000 visitors, hits, It makes one crazy. Any ideas welcome!

    The load time is due to the amount of images. I will be redoing them soon i hope.


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    i think they are good i havent personally used them thow.....

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