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    configuring mySQL for users

    How do I limit MySQL users to their own databases? but let them edit tables, ect. Is there an easy solution i can install?

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    Assuming you are running a Raq.

    I think you have two problems:

    1) Setting the user's permissions. This is difficult, messy and I dont think many people really get it figured out.

    I think this is about as simple as it can get:

    phpMyAdmin, below, can admin users but I have never actually done it.

    2) Getting users actually connected to the database.

    Users can connect from a client on their PC/workstation, but this has problems because you dont necessarily want to run MySQL with a port open to the net, it should just be serving the local Raq websites.

    Users can login to a shell on the local Raq and run the mysql client from there, but that means you would be giving them shell access, which might not be part of the plan.

    I reserve each Raq's root website for MRTG stats and other per-user things and install phpMyAdmin in one of its subdirecetories. It uses the MySQL db/table access permissions to implement a basic http login to a pure web interface to MySQL. A user logs in and all they can see/modify/etc. is what MySQL is set to give them. They can do anything they need to, including paste in scripts and download dumps, etc.

    a live demo is here:

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