Sprocket Data, home of the $35/month Dedicated Server, is proud to announce our "BIG, BAM, BOOM” event.

We’ve lowered prices and raised the specs on some of our most popular Dedicated Server plans.

More Dedicated Server Options to fit any budget! Not “Virtual” Dedicated Servers, but real physical servers. Your own box from just $35/month!

Order before midnight on July 4th, mention the BBB sale, and we’ll waive the setup on any server listed at www.sprocketdata.com/DedicPrice.html

Tired of being treaded like a number? Ready to be treated like a client? Step up to the RealGeek Support (tm) of Sprocket Data!

Need a little assistance? One of the actual Geeks that keep out network running is here to help. No phone droids, just folks who know how to help solve your problem. Experience the difference!

Fully redundant systems (WAN, Power, HVAC, Security) coupled with great service make this offer a great value! No setup makes it even better!

Have questions? Drop us a line [email protected] or call 877.815.HOST today.