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    complete hosting site designed.. anybody wants it?

    i did this site in '99... but kinda sat there not doing much.
    anybody wants it? bidding starts at $10 and it ends next sunday, 07/13. good for start-ups.

    PM me with ur bid and ill edit this msg to keep yall updated.

    basically u take care of the domain (or insert ur new logo here and there) and if you want to use the content.. sure..

    this site contains more than 10 pages. here are a few shots.


    I do not have a licensed script for the control panel, but do have the design, and it is to be included in the site.
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    whats the url of the site?
    Aquired by Data Provider LLC.

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    phugo: check your pm. thx

    included 3 more shots.

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    nice designs

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    "nice designs"
    you think? I didnt like it much, no offence. To mych purple, not enoguh graphic
    Patrick Schrader

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    you think?, i think its quite good but hey im excentric i can think whatever i like , ha ha

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