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    Question Need a jpg closet...

    I need storage space and a fair amount of it. I don't need domain-name-specific space, but I'll think up a new domain name if it's a requirement (but would be fine), I don't need email, or anything... just space.

    I have a growing number of jpg's that I keep off my main website server and just link back to the pages there. I have about 250MB's worth parked one place, but I'd like to have a new place for the next 250+MB's.

    And, I'd sure like it cheap and I need it reliable.

    I see a lot of reasonably priced hosting packages that come with all kinds of stuff. I can't seem to find anyone out there who offers just storage and it seems such a waste to pay (even peanuts) for all the stuff I'll never use. Am I looking in the wrong places for the wrong things?

    susan dennis
    seattle, wa

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    Why not try image storage websites ? You get what you pay for.

    Try searchingHere

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    Pricing is usually based on disk space and bandwidth, so in most cases, you're not paying for stuff you'll never use. Stuff like e-mail and many other features don't really cost much, if anything at all, so they're included for those that require them, but not including them wouldn't save you much, if anything. My recommendation is to just get a hosting package with 300 MB of disk space or more and ignore all of the stuff you'll never use.

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    Found a closet - thanks to this board... cool.


    p.s. the image storage places were interesting but cost as much or more than regular hosting so I'm thinking that ToastyX's reply nailed the situation - the extra is really extra!

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