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    Cool PHP Coder? Speak German

    Okay you don't need to speak German but we have a script written in English by a guy in Germany and some of the words are not quite "english"

    We need a few changes done and can't quite get it right so we were looking for someone that new php/mysql really well and can make these adjustments.

    This is a pay per click affiliate program for our site and on the sign up it asks for banking information (account # and routing #) which no one is going to give anyway we want this changed to ask for a mailing address and a paypal address and given a choice of how they want to be paid.

    Pretty simple stuff.. okay okay not for me

    Only spent $50 on the program so I am not looking to spend a ton on this..

    Let me know.


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    If you want I can help you with the translation for free, if it isn't too much. I'm Greman, so it shouldn't be a great problem. But I can't promise that all would be gramatically right. For the php-script I don't have got so much time at the moment. Easily write me a mail to [email protected] with the sentences or words, which should be translated. Perpahs you will be able to help me once in the future, when I need help.
    A. Göbel

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    I don't need an automated script since no one is paying us we will just be paying people to send traffic to us.

    We are still looking for the help


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    I know.. Feel free to contac us anyway
    Mateo Meier
    Founder Artmotion

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    There are a lot of German speaking geeks on this site who will help you out. They don't charge any money either.
    What is so special about

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