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    Whats Up With All The Fraud Orders?

    Anyone having the same problem. I get more than 5 orders daily, ALL prepaid early and all credit cards declined. Visa/Mc tells me its all fraud. What is going on?

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    What countries are the customers coming from?

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    We have maybe 1/2 a week, although we have alot of anti fraud in place
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    They are all different countries. Some form US, some form Australlia and more...

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    Are you logging the IP address and user agent used to place the order?

    I generally plug the IP into my Whois Web program to see where it is from and then use the useragent to check to see if the browser is something other than IE or Mozilla/Netscape. The decision to accept or drop the order is a human one, but taking that data in is very helpful.

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    Please note countries like Australia and Indonesia/Singapore both use 203.x.x.x IP ranges from apnic. I hope you don't deny access to all because they use the same IP ranges.

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    This was just discussed a few days ago...

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