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    Wanted: Templates (with a difference)

    We're developing the next release of our homepage product (WebUMake Web) and are looking for new template designs that we can package with the product.

    Our CGI product is purchased and installed on a customers site and allows them to offer their visitors websites under their domain name and (in the new version) as subwebs of their domain. It uses a controlled environment of a file manager and a WYSIWYG type editor for html files. The visitors can create their sites from a template set of pages which they then change to suit their own needs. It's these template sets that we're looking for designs for.

    So, the requirements for the templates are:

    1. Templates either need to be designed as a set (of 3-5 differing pages), or a single page where the subsequent pages are easily replicated with their own content.

    2. They need to be simple, but attractive

    3. They need to be greatly varied in look from each other to appeal to different tastes (e.g. business site, hobby site, childrens site, etc)

    4. They should use graphics to a minimum

    5. You understand that we're willing to pay for designs that are to be used in a product that we sell, but that we will not be paying an ongoing fee/usage fee - this is a one-shot design purchase

    6. There will be no identifying text on the templates (e.g. copyright notices or META tags)

    7. We're looking for 5 to 10 designs

    We're happy to receive the designs in html but prefer any images in either Fireworks PNG or PaintShop PSP format.

    Please PM me with ideas of cost per template set (as described in 1. above) and/or provide links to any templates that you believe would aleady fit the bill, together with examples of your work.

    To understand what the product does and how it works you can create a user account on the beta here:

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    check out my work:

    Idan Arbel
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    These are three templates that i currently have for sale.
    Check them out !! and let me know

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    I currently have several nice professional templates for sale:

    Thank you for your time, Look forward to a response.
    Best Regards,
    Jeff @ ePixel Media.

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    I understand what you need by way of templates. We can do the job for you at $35 per template for 5 to 10 templates. We have made some templates for the web hosting industry and one of them may suit your requirements. It is Template Number 0084 at our website. We can make similar templates too... without graphics, with a little graphics or with generous graphics. the choice is the clients.

    Please contact me at the email address on our site if you are interested. We could come up with some more samples for your needs specifically before you decide.

    You can access our website by clicking here.

    URL in the line above now corrected.
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    We buy Hosts.
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    Thanks for the PM's and offers. We've now found somebody to work with us on this.

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